Do I travel? Do I ever!

I am based in and spend about half the year in the Swiss alps, during this time I cover Switzerland, Western Austria and Northern Italy.

You can still book me worldwide in locations outside of those mentioned above, but travel fees will apply.

If you'd like to get around travel fees, and your wedding or elopement date and location are flexible- you can book me based on my travel schedule! Scroll down to see where I'm going and when!

Travel Schedule


September : Switzerland

October : Switzerland 1 - 10

Vienna 11 - 16

Switzerland 17 - 25

Dolomites 26 - 31

November : Switzerland

December : Switzerland 1-15

Spain, mainland 16 - 24

Spain, Canary Islands 26 -31


Janurary : Spain, Canary Islands

Feburary : Spain, Canary Islands

March : Australia

April : Switzerland

May : Out of office!

June : Switzerland and Spain

July : Switzerland

August: Switzerland

September: Switzerland and Bali

October: France

Curious about a location mentioned or not mentioned above?

Let's chat about it!